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Welcome to the UKWebAd Kit Car Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Kit Car Books and DVDs.

The books and dvds can be purchased by clicking on the “Check Price and Buy It” link below the review. Purchase is in association with Amazon so you can be sure of secure online payment and fast delivery.

ISBN 1557882789

It is a very good book for someone who is interested in building a car from the chassis up. It gives a good techniques on suspension and brakes. It also gives points on some mistakes others have made and trys to steer you clear of them. 

ISBN 1859606466

Many people today feel inspired to build their own car, either completely from scratch or by assembling a kit. Although such a prospect may at first appear quite daunting, this book explains in detail, using easy-to-understand text and illustrations, how to plan a project and carry out the various tasks required, safely and efficiently to a good standard and within a reasonable time scale. It is a companion volume to Ron Champion's highly successful Build Your Own Sports Car for as little as GBP250.

ISBN 1903706785

This text gives practical advice on how to power tune a high-performance version of Ford's 4-cylinder 1600, 1800 and 200 cc Pinto engine which has been used in Ford's most popular cars (Escort, Capri, Cortina, Sierra) over many years. Whether the reader wants a fast road car or to go racing, Des Hammill explains, without using technical jargon, how to build a reliable high power engine using as many stock parts as possible and without wasting money on parts and modifications that don't work. The text also covers Cosworth versions of Pinto engines and fitting Cosworth heads to normal blocks. It does not cover 1300, E-Max 1600 or American built 2300.

ISBN 1859606369

This is a step-by-step guide to building a roadworthy two-seater open sports car for a fraction of the cost of a kit car. Using standard tools, basic skills and low-cost materials, it shows how to make the chassis, suspension and bodywork, and advises how to modify and use cheap but serviceable mechanical components. The book includes scaled working drawings, detailed illustrations and photographs. Instructions on building a strong space-frame chassis and suspension are provided along with how to source the power unit, transmission, steering, brakes, lights and other parts. The making and fitting of body panels, mudguards, seating and trim, instrument panel, windscreen and fuel tank are covered and information is provided on legal requirements and vehicle registrations procedures. The guide also directs readers to relevant Haynes service and repair manuals for the overhauling of major items. This second edition is updated and expanded throughout, with a new chapter on all aspects of racing a Locust, sections on improving handling, information on how to get through the Single Vehicle Approval test, and builders' own stories.

ISBN 1902351126

This is the story of the Lotus Seven and all its derivatives that have been manufactured.

ISBN 1903706734

This is a practical guide on how to get the best handling and braking from 2-seater cars with independent wishbone front suspension and coil springs.

ISBN 1859609627

The kit car building industry has increased in size significantly in both the UK and the US. A rising number of enthusiasts are attracted by the prospect of driving a tailor-made car that they have built themselves. The vast range of designs available ensures that there is a vehicle to suit all tastes, from replica classic sports cars to specialist track-day machines. This text, written in a humorous, down-to-earth style, provides all the information needed to choose a suitable kit and complete it successfully to produce a safe, roadworthy vehicle.

ISBN 1592961630

A guide to all the models of the Lotus and Caterham Seven, from 1957 to 2001. It presents a full model listing for each of the cars, from the Lotus Seven S1 Ford, also known as 7F, through to the Caterham Blackbird and Caterham Autosport 50th. It covers the specification and driving impressions for each of the Lotus and Caterham Sevens, together with a guide to purchase and restoration, a summary of the main developments, and useful contacts.

ISBN 0854299610

The aluminium Rover V8 high performance engine has been in continuous mass production for 25 years, following an inauspicious start in life. It was rejected by its original American creators in the early 1960s, but the rights to manufacture were taken up by Rover in 1965 and it is now expected that production will continue until the end of this century. Since being adopted by Rover, the V8 has been used in a diverse range of vehicles, from the Rover 3500, the Land Rover and Range Rover, the MGB GT V8, a number of high performance specialist sports cars, and many others. it has also had a succesful competition career in rallies with the Triumph TR7 V8 and in saloon car racing with the Rover 3500 SD1. This is the story of how this versatile engine crossed the Atlantic and found success, together with a thorough technical assessment and details of tuning for increased power output.

ISBN 190478822X

How to build your own high-quality sports car on a low budget.

ISBN 0854299335

Based on the Buick-Oldsmobile, the aluminium Rover V8 high performance engine has been a favourite of professional racers and amateur enthusiasts for over 20 years. This book assumes only basic knowledge of engine assembly, but reveals tips and secrets used by the professionals. Includes every aspect of assembly, from selecting components to increasing engine capacity. Covers road cars, off-road vehicles, circuit racing and rallying. Photographs illustrate every aspect of building and tuning. David Hardcastle is a manager in the airfreight industry, and has been a total car enthusiast since his college days. With earlier involvement in American cars and drag racing, he has acquired a particular enthusiasm for all things V8 powered. He is the author of "The Rover V8 Engine", and co-author of "Drive It - The Complete Book of British Drag Racing".

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ISBN 186126013X

The AC Cobra was the brainchild of Texan Carroll Shelby and gave him his dream of beating Ferrari in the GT World Championship. This study details the car's history, full specifications and road tests, and gives information on buying and restoring a Cobra.

ISBN 1861267541

The original Lotus Seven was the product of pure engineering genius. Forty years on, it continues to encapsulate the Lotus founder's ideals for an affordable sports racer: it makes few compromises, yet is equally at home on the road as on the track and it can be built by a mechanical novice. This book chronicles the saga of the Lotus Seven including the Series 2 and 3 during the 1960s - when it won fame in The Prisoner TV series. Caterham continues to build the Super Seven and John Tipler shows how the various structural components of the car are manufactured, and interviews key figures in the Seven's evolution.


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